(Jacob’s) Troublemaker, Mark Blackburn’s Kickstarter for His Area251 Re-Issue of Obscure 60’s Music Label

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Hello to everyone!

I’m sending out a mass email to see if you might help me spread the word about a project I’m attempting. Word of mouth is a great way to promote what we’re trying to do……

We launched our second project to be released which will be a reissue (only on 7” 45 rpm heavy weight colored vinyl) of an obscure pop single released in 1968 by the FIRST girls of rock n roll – THE CLINGERS.

By 1964, THE CLINGERS as pre-teens were signed to Tollie Records (the Beatles first US label before Captiol) as a pop vocal doo wop group (search YouTube for The Clinger Sisters) and as the British Invasion took over the music business the sisters wanted to pick up instruments like every other teenager in America and start a band. They learned to play their own instruments and cut a few indie 45s before being signed to Columbia Records in 1968.

They are credited as being the FIRST all-girl rock band to be signed to a major record label and they released one single for Columbia, a cover of the Easybeats “Gonna Have A Good Time” b/w “And Now You Know Me” which has become a relatively obscure single to find today!

We are working with SONY Music Entertainment and have found the masters to this single and would like to remaster and reissue this classic pop/rock 45 for the first time in 48 years.

If you would like to know more about our project click on the link for our KICKSTARTER to see our reward levels and our budget for this project. Over half our budget is acquiring the master license to have access to the original mix master analog tapes so this will be a pristine first generation analog transfer. The rest is paying songwriters, publishers, manufacturing costs, postage costs, mailing supplies and studio mastering time.

If this would be of interest to you please stop by and support our cause…….also if you know anyone in your circle of influence who might be a lover of great 60s pop songs please forward this link to them or possibly post on your Facebook or Twitter site to see if they might be interested in supporting us!

We are giving it 40 days and 40 nights to raise our budget…….

We have been working with SONY for almost a year to release other projects but have been rejected each time and this is the closest we have reached to a licensing deal with them, so if you can help us push this through we can think about some of the other things we are wanting to release to get back out in rotation again!