Bill Mallonee Releases “Mule” and “The Rags of Absence”

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Dear folks:

It’s been a busy, busy year. A year of the stuff that builds faith, leads to prayer, long walks seeks grace… …and the stuff of new songs. (Good ones, I believe!). I have 2 brand new releases:

Mule was just released last week.

The Rags of Absence drops this December. The new CD version has extensive art work this time, making it something of a “collectors item!”

2 new albums=20 brand new songs!

Here are the brief updates, folks:

(a surprise album)
10 brand new download songs, plowing deep furrows. Drop in for a listen and/or purchase.

The other new album, which drops in December, is streaming at:
The Rags of Absence
Pre-order at: The Rags of Absence

Honestly? I believe I’ve made some great & timely records in my life. These last 7 years in the high deserts of New Mexico have afforded me the time & “contemplative space” to develop my own approach, and sound as an Americana singer-songwriter; My way of “doing what I do.”

And EACH of YOU who are receiving this newsletter have been so very garcious & kind with words of encouragement, prayers & goodwill. I give thanks for such nurture daily!

But, out of the 76 albums?
I know we all have our favs.
Me? Killing Floor, Blister Soul, Roof of the Sky, Audible Sigh, Locket~full of Moonlight, Power & The Glory, Amber Waves and would rate high. (The recent 5 “desert albums” Dolorosa, Winnowing, Lands & Peoples, Slow Trauma & Mule) also rank quite high on my list of “mission accomplished” albums).

For me? It’s a matter of “arriving” as an artist, at home in one’s own skin.

Believe me: I still enjoy every song I’ve ever written and every album I’ve released deeply. And I hope (and pray, as well!) that folks will continue to enjoy the whole catalog of some 76 albums. I stand by the authenticity & integrity of every song.

But, Honestly?

I think The Rags of Absence might well be among the very, very best.

Why, you ask?

RoA is the distillation of emotional maturity, artistry & ability all coming together in compelling songs, lyrics & music. The rock rocks on every level.

Those of you who know me, know I do not ever set the cross-bar low, so the above statement is quite the declaration. But I do stand by it. Extensive art work & packaging will make this a collectors item, as well.

SO: 2 things I encourage you to do:

1st: “See”/Hear for thyself: Drop in for an attentive listen at:
Rags of Absence streaming.

2nd: Please consider pre-ordering this recording, in download or CD formats, at the new website:

We’d appreciate it!