Veritas Vinyl Releases “The Art of Catharsis” EP From Over Mortal

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Greetings, everyone! Did the U.S. Presidential Election season leave you sick and tired of politics? Have endless Facebook and Twitter debates left you feeling frustrated? Are you ready to release some of that pent up anxiety? Good news!

Over Mortal have just released their newest EP, The Art of Catharsis, and it’s just the thing to help you vent! Available on Limited Edition red and black cassette and Digital Download, you can pick up your copy of The Art of Catharsis by heading over to the Veritas Vinyl bandcamp by clicking the link or copy\pasting into your browser.

From Nick of Over Mortal:

The Art of Catharsis is a self-observation of rage, aggression and frustration. It was literally an act of catharsis for me, so that all of the turmoil and venom I was experiencing at that time fuels each track. With eleven songs clocking in at roughly nine and a half minutes, it is a furious, blistering musical temper tantrum.”

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to pick up your copy of the Easter Teeth \ Moral Monsters split 7″ and the full length LP from Slaves BC All Is Dust and I Am Nothing by heading over to the store at