Velvet Blue Music to release new music from Map

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Since Josh Dooley formed his band Map in the summer of 2000 they have been a stalwart of Velvet Blue Music, releasing 3 full lengths, 3 EP’s, a 7″, and a compilation. Map is best know for beautiful, weepy guitar lines and melancholy tones. Mr. Dooley has lent his guitar playing skills to a handful of other bands as well including Fine China, Starflyer 59, Pony Express, and Broadway Hush.

After the release of 2009’s Speechless record, Dooley decided to take a small break from music to live for a bit without rehearsals, shows, bookings, and recordings. In 2014, he relocated to Los Angeles and began working on new music. During this time, Josh contracted the rare West Nile Virus which at one point had him paralyzed from the neck down, and he spent 5 weeks hospitalized. Now after much time, effort, rehabilitation and contemplation Josh is fully recovered and making music once again.

“What that experience did for me, was to make me appreciate life,” states Dooley. “I remember laying there just wishing I could move my thumb and fingers enough to text someone. The smallest, simplest things in life had been taken from me. Things that now I recognize as being so valuable.”

Now with a renewed and vibrant outlook on life, Josh is back to writing and recording new music which will make a lot of people happy. VBM will release a 5 song EP of Map’s signature beautiful and weepy guitar lines in June.