Support New Music by Fireworks on Ferris Wheels (Amy Courts + Paul Koopman)

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Dearest Friends, Family, Fans, and Strangers,

Welcome! Amy Courts + Paul Koopman = Fireworks on Ferris Wheels. Welcome to our Pledge campaign!

Fireworks on Ferris Wheels is the name of a project that we’ve been talking about doing since…. basically since we met in Nashville on a cold January night in 2004, a writer’s night at the legendary Douglas Corner Cafe. Why has it taken so long? Good question. The correct answer is pretty long, but as these things often do, it comes down to a combination of timing and finances. We have reached the point in our lives at the intersection of opportunity and motivation. The time is right for this collaboration to bear artistic fruit, and the good news is we are approximately half-way through the recording process with renowned singer/songwriter/producer Jim Reilley (The New Dylans). That brings us to the finances.

We’re using Pledge to give music lovers – fans, family, friends, strangers on the internet – a chance to be a part of this process. This is an opportunity for you to stand alongside us, as we prepare to turn that initial spark into something spectacular. We expect fireworks! We have 8 songs currently on deck, 6 originals and 2 covers. We’re in the process of writing a few more, and we may even post some of those sessions. We are both very talented, and very stubborn writers, which should make for some fun – for you – segments.

We will be returning to the studio to finish tracking and mixing in the next few months. We’ll be posting updates, videos, rough cuts, and pre-mixes into our “Pledge Vault” for you to get familiar with the songs in advance of an expected June release. Check out the rest of our store, as well, to go beyond the music. There will be some swag. We’ll start with coffee mugs, and work from there. We also have some personalized goodies for you to consider, including art from a 5 year old Crayola marker wizard. He will take requests, but we can’t guarantee it won’t be a pirate ship.

You will get that behind-the-scenes access we talked about above by pre-ordering any exclusive item. A digital download is also included with every purchase, of course. And look into our bundle options, if you just can’t decide between Elijah’s art, and Paul’s “artistic” handwriting*!

And if you really want to lend a hand, please help us share this effort far and wide. We know there are lots of music lovers out there looking to support the production of quality, independent, commercial-free music. But being independent, we can’t reach them all without you!

Thanks so much for your time, your consideration, and your support. We hope to see you in the Vault!

*legibility not guaranteed

Love Love,
Amy + Paul