King Never Releases “All These Things” EP

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“While it’s always exciting to release new music, this release is mixed with more than it’s fair share of sadness. It’s hard to believe Karl passed away almost 3 years ago. His contribution to these songs was (and is) substantial and powerful. His bass easily shifts from dissonant staccato bursts to smooth arpegiated grooves and bouncy synth-like pulses. He is deeply missed.

You can listen to All These Things right now on our website or download directly from Bandcamp. We really like Bandcamp because downloads are encoded from 24-bit files, not 16-bit like everywhere else, and you get to name your price. Free? $50? Yes. Whatever you want. The album will also be available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and the like. However, it appears because of the Memorial Day holiday here in the States, availability on some sites has been delayed.

This EP would not have been possible without the support of Karl’s brother, and photographer extraordinaire, Derrick. It was Derrick who allowed me to mine Karl’s computer for essential missing bass tracks. I’m forever thankful.

Nick’s drumming is as solid as ever. He easily shifts between time signatures – never over playing and always keeping things interesting.

And what can I say about Rick Law’s album cover? Simply stunning. Perfectly encapsulating the mood and setting of the album.

I hope you enjoy the new tunes.

– Matt

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