And How Releases “Where, what, why AND HOW”

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Been a while!

I’m you all will thank me for the break in compulsive recordings!

And How is back with a cool new album called “where, what, why And How”!

I recorded it with no compression, so it has a lively and uncluttered sound. Where the last album, “Solo” was extremely minimal and mainly acoustic, “w.w.w.A.H” brings GRETSCH guitars and rock/pop back to the mix!

Right now it’s up on bandcamp for listens and downloads and soon will be on Spodify, Cd baby, YouTube and all of the other crazy places the kids are all hip to.

I’ll let ya’ll know as that all sets up.

For now, please throw on some headphones, or download and play through a decent system (just not your blasted phone!) and enjoy the next 33 minutes!

Thanks for your listens and support!

-Sean (And How)

P.s. if anyone needs a cd-r direct from master, give me a holler!