Insomniac Folklore Releases “Everything Will Burn”

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Insomniac Folklore has long been known for charming and aggressive theatrical punk shows blending cheeky satire and gut-wrenching intensity in a display that earned their earliest albums the moniker “tantrum folk.” With Everything Will Burn, the group has kept their signature intense vocals but left the riotous singalongs behind in favor of a warmer, richer sound that is simultaneously mature, rootsy, and deeply, darkly satisfying.

Everything Will Burn was written and recorded by Tyler Hentschel in Roseburg and Portland, Oregon, as well as in Nashville, Tennessee. The album was mastered by Kramer, whose production credits include Danielson Familie, Daniel Johnston, White Zombie, and GWAR.

While Insomniac Folklore’s vaudevillian presentation and vintage aesthetic have gained them a following in steampunk circles, their latest project combines science fiction with more ancient history to weave a narrative that is intelligent, haunting, and strangely telling about our own times. Violence, religion, climate change, and questionable science all have their parts to play in this story, but the album never becomes trite or political; through the experiences of an ancient people we are given the opportunity to experience the anxiety and upheavals of our own world with courage and compassion.