Steadfast Records Returns, Releasing New Full Length from Golden Streets of Paradise

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“Greetings! As a direct result of some late night reminiscing with some great friends, Steadfast Records is; after a brief (17yr) hiatus, resuming operations. I’ve spent the last few weeks, going through boxes, building this site, and crafting current and future plans with a giddy excitement. It’s somehow been 17 years since I hit pause on things with this label. At the time I was playing guitar with my band Brandtson, and couldn’t properly focus on both the band and the label. My reasons for restarting the label haven’t changed from the reasons why I started it in the first place; To share music that is important to me with anyone else that might find something that resonates with them.

We’re super pumped to announce that our first release back will be from Cleveland duo Golden Streets of Paradise. The band follow up their stunning The Sun Is Everything EP with their first full length release World War available 9/22/2017 on LP- (Black or Violent Violet), Violent Violet cassette, CD, and digitally. Available for pre-order now.

As far as current and future plans. As of a few days ago, and for the first time ever, we’ve began to release our back catalog for digital download, and to all major streaming channels. Our first two releases, the Zao/Outcast split, and Zao’s All Else Failed are available now to stream or for purchase, here on our site, as well as iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Play, etc… You can also stream a few other releases here on the site that haven’t made their way to the stores yet. Finally, we’ve got some fun new releases coming up, as well as a few re-issues on vinyl and cassette.

Instead of crowdfunding this rebirth, I’m going to try raising some needed funds by selling off some now quite rare old stock along with some less rare old and new t-shirts. As I started looking for old files, I found some boxes that had a few copies of some of our old releases. If you’re interested in physical copies and test presses of some of the early Zao stuff, or leftover Brandtson tour merchandise… have a look at the store. Move quick if you want something as there aren’t many copies of each.

For now please, subscribe to our email list, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!”