Eagle Spits and Friends releases spoken word “Empires Fall”

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Thumper Punk Records and Raven Faith Records are honored to announce the release of “Empires Fall”, a 52 track spoken word masterpiece from Eagle Spits and Friends. Forty years after his initial involvement in the punk scene, Eagle Spits still blazes trails with his outspoken, angry, and humorous slam poetry that strikes at the inner core of societal problems. And, this time Eagle Spits has brought along reinforcements, including Dwane Reads, Rachel Joy, Danny Ratcatcher, Asa Thomas and others, to help with the confrontational merriment. Standing up against capitalism, racism, and tyranny, Empires Fall rails against injustice and inequality, and provides some jarringly clear answers built upon the teachings of the ‘Agitator from Nazareth’.

“This isn’t pretty, it isn’t slick, it’s dark, you’ll find it uncomfortable but it does have an authenticity, immediacy and integrity you just might find arresting.” – Tim Forster, the Music, Culture, Vision blog.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eagle-Spits-227865070612205/

CDs are available through the Thumper Punk Records webstore (http://thumperpunkrecords.storenvy.com) and Raven Faith Records webstore (http://www.ravenfaithrecords.com/cart). Digital copies are available through all major digital retailers.