The 77s to Reissue “More Mserable Than You’ll Ever Be” on Vinyl

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For those keeping score, in 2014 Lo-Fidelity Records and Michael Roe remastered, expanded, and reissued Mike’s beloved and often misunderstood solo 1990 outing, More Miserable Than You’ll Ever Be. What was it? What is it? We still don’t know…but an interview with the key players, then and now, can be found here ~

So are we reissuing the project again?  No…not really…sort of.  Back in 2014 we bypassed Kickstarter and ran a month long preorder on Mike’s Bandcamp page which included an updated box-set and 7″ vinyl.  At the time, doing the full length album on vinyl wasn’t financially feasible, but it is now. The point of this campaign is to reissue the album on vinyl, as well as offer left-over exclusives from the 2014 pre-order that we’ve had in “the vault” and were otherwise unable to offer…