Help Bill Mallonee Fund His Next Album “Forest Full of Wolves”

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From Bill Mallonee: “I’ve taken some time off (It’s been almost 3 years now) to try and remember what it’s like to live something of a “normal life.” After 22 years of heavy, low-to-the-ground touring it just seemed like the healthy thing to do. I am deeply glad to say that it has been the single most creative period of my life. I have continued to write, record and release what I feel to be some of the best songs I’ve ever penned.

I define ‘best” as something that is lasting an authentic. Authenticity, although somewhat elusive as a term, is something that i believe, at root, can only be gained by experience, paying dues and doing one’s best with what one has. This is not in anyway, discounting my previous work. It is simply the accrued wisdom of years melding with my life as a songwriter; a deeping “hunch” that I am getting better; that I am “tapping the core” of what it means to be a good songwriter, one who wants to make and render songs that will last. Most of you know that I have always put the “Art” first.

So ‘here’s the wind-up…and the pitch:” As fans of indie/Americana, grass-roots music i am making one request: I would deeply appreciate it if you would travel over to this site:

Bill Mallonee’s “Forest Full of Wolves”/Kickstarter campaign
(There’s even a fun, little 1 minute “live” video of me playing & talking about the project!)

It is the new Kickstarter campaign for the making & rendering of my new set of songs called Forest Full of Wolves. It’s looking to be a big, beautiful Americana rock record; with many wonderful love & grace affirming songs. A full band album, once again. with The Big Sky Ramblers! If we make our budget goal, via this campaign, the record will drop in early January of 2018.

Most of you know that Kickstarter is an internationally recognized conduit wherby artists can have projects funded by folks like you who believe their work. (I have used Kickstarter successfully to get 2 recent albums finished, “The Rags of Absence” and the double vinyl of Audible Sigh, which should be back from the replicators very soon.) If you will, please read through some of the project’s over-view & needs. It’s short and very concise. We have exactly 43 days to make our budget goal.

So here we go: Please, Please consider helping us make & render this album… You’ll find there are multiple “reward tiers” for you to consider. They are a bit different this time.

But at the end of the day? It’s pretty simple, really. It’s all about your good will meeting with my work. That meeting allows the art to continue. That’s it.”