Blue Stahli Releases “Headshot” From New Album ‘Antisleep Vol. 04’

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Electronic-rock artist, composer & producer Blue Stahli has released the new single “Headshot,” from his upcoming album ‘Antisleep Vol. 04.’ The new album releases on August 25th.

Listen to the new single “Headshot”:
Blue Stahli – “Headshot”

You’re driving down the street, neon lights faintly reflected in the sunglasses you’re wearing at night. The scissor doors on the car open up as you grab for the pistol at your side. You exit the car, and walk towards the doors of the bar. You mutter a witty one-liner to no one in particular and kick the doors open. The record scratches to a halt in the juke-box, and all eyes turn towards you. You draw your gun, mutter that same witty one-liner, this time to the crowd of bikers, and one of them says “Damn, this guy is cool” just before you pull the trigger.

We’ve all been there, but there’s never been an appropriate soundtrack to this level of badassery… until now. Blue Stahli is back with the next volume of his Film/TV/Video Game music series Antisleep. Volume 4 is a non-stop gauntlet of energy, from the skull-thrashing riffs of “Headshot” to the 80s/indie pop beats of “Sunset Neon” and the sharp-dressed spy action insanity of “Secret Agent Business” and Vegas’ swagger of “Three Piece Suit.” Antisleep Vol. 04 turns the radness up to 11 with dirty blues beats and ass-kicking anthems to provide the perfect audio accelerant to your next adventure.

“Hot damn! Here’s a complete multi-genre mashup of an album that swings everywhere from heavy cinematic action rock stuff, to summertime nu disco radness, slick jazzy vinyl spy anthems, dark sexy techno, super upbeat dance pop, and dirty blues swagger. The sound of this record is an out of control radio dial flipping through a massive fun action movie.” – Bret (Blue Stahli)