Member of Psalters and Madison Green Form New Project “Beast”

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Found this while trolling the inter webs – it seems that at least one member of the Psalters and Madison Green has formed a new project called Beast, and you can listen to or purchase the music on BandCamp:

“”BEAST” is a voice of and for the wilderness that combines poetry, theatrical masks, ancient rhythms, traditional and modern dance forms, with a heavy side of the blues. Beauty and mystery get woven into music and song that call your mind, body and soul back to the re-enchantment of the wild. Ecstatic prophecy mixed with theological insurrection dredged up from the swamp of souls and cooked over a slow burning midnight fire in the outback campsites of many resistance movements across time. BEAST listens to the elements, eats their messages and regurgitates it back to those listening through a sonic portal of lament, ancestral awakening, and defiance.’