Velvet Blue Music Releases New Gileah Taylor Single

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Gileah Taylor is part songbird and part ghost-hunter. In her new single, Till We’re Through, the listener joins the singer in a late night walk through the countryside. Taylor narrates and the scenery is stark. There are souvenirs of the people we’ve been as we come face to face with who we choose to be in the here and now.

The music is light, but fantastical – Edward Scissorhands meets Willy Wonka? Her vocals are steady and spare. An old Wurlitzer spinet piano grounds the song while instrumental layers ebb and flow like waves.

The single is backed with an alt version of “Going Home.” Gileah’s original version of the song appeared in the much talked about, Selena Gomez produced show, 13 Reasons Why. Here it is re-worked into a dream-like sequence. There are echoes of Enya here, though far more pensive. “Going Home (Dream Mix)” seems like it is going to be confined and sparse but it opens up into an expansive, majestic, repeated refrain: I’m going home, sung simply and with hope.

These songs find Gileah growing and opening up to the world around her, whether it is her home on the beaches of Florida, or a ghostly country in her imagination, she persuades the listener to slow down, breathe and sing along, till we’re through.

Available at all digital outlets, but we’d prefer you get high quality MP3’s or FLAC files : HERE