“We Bear the Scars” – Killer New Compilation Featuring Living Sacrifice, Warlord, and Many Others

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We Bear the Scars is a new compilation featuring Living Sacrifice (unreleased track from The Hammering Process sessions), Warlord (new song), and members of The Blamed, The Crucified, Norma Jean, Demon Hunter, Roadside Monument, Frodus, Becoming The Archetype, Tantrum of the Muse, World Against World, Lovedrug, Fuse of Ire, Solamores, Orcrist, & Mr. Bishops Fist, this is an 18-song hard music compilation in the style of the old Tooth & Nail / Solid State comps.

These artists have donated all of the songs for this project to show their support for Timothy Henderson, drummer for Warlord, Mr. Bishops Fist and Catechumen. He has fibromyalgia & several other health issues that have put his family in great financial need over the last 11 years.

Tim has been a great supporter of music and this magazine for a long time now. Hopefully someday we will get to publish one of the most epic philosophical rambling interviews that I have been having for years with Tim. But go support now – order through this website: http://benefitcomp.weebly.com/. Or even just donate if you don’t need the tunes. And check out this sampler of all the awesome tunes: