Blast From Oblivion Releases “Restrained’ on SkyBurnsBlack Records

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Blast From Oblivion releases their second concept album of Horror/Thrash/Hardcore Punk entitled Restrained.

“This album deals with learning how to restrain our fleshy desires. To keep us from insanity in a world full of evil, death, horror, pain, depression, murder, suicide, bondage of lust, greed, deceit, etc. The only cure is Jesus Christ.” – Splatter Guts

Once again featuring amazing Cover Art by Dave Besanson Originals, and Artwork Design and Layout by SkyBurnsBlack Designs. Guest Vocals, Lyrics and Mixing/Mastering on “Bloodlust” by Josh Lory of Horror Punk band Cast The Dragon. Additional Guest Vocals on “Undead Horde” by Aaron Wallace. As a Bonus the CD Version alone includes an acoustic version of “Under The Horns” from 2015 Debut Album To Hell And Back.

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