Retroactive Records to Release Mortal’s “Lusis” and “Fathom” on vinyl

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About Fathom:

The band’s debut, LUSIS, left fans with a giddy state of excitable frivolity. When Mortal’s sophomore album FATHOM released in 1993 eyebrows were raised to the roof and mouths hit the floor open agape with awe. Capturing an avalanche of emotion, sensation, and pure aural brilliance fans were prompted to simultaneously do the ultra-happy dance and wet ourselves. Yes, Fathom IS that special. If you knew what was out at the time during this era for Christian rock then you’d understand how truly ground breaking Mortal really was. While bands such as Tourniquet, Guardian, and Ken Tamplin were tearing up the scene with crunching guitars and powerful vocals, Mortal was blazing new ground with haunting vocals and rhythmic lyrics and an electronic/industrial sound. Their albums had sampling in their songs and that didn’t become mainstream until several years later with rap and rock bands. Fathom defined musical innovation with slashy guitars, distorted screams, and heavy grooves that all made for one heck of a ride! With tracks like Rift, Godspeed, and Alive & Awake fans were compelled to get on that ride over and over again (like your favorite roller coaster but with no lines!!!). The 2017/2018 Fathom reissue on Retroactive Records features a complete remaster at the hands of J Powell at Steinhaus for the maximum Fathom ear candy experience. Because of the length of the album it is packaged as a two 12” vinyl record set (2-LP Set) with an insert that includes lyrics and an historic write up by DW Dunphy. It is packaged in an extra wide jacket, and it is a surprise color vinyl (surprise – if we told you what color, we’d have to kill ya). The album was produced by Terry Taylor (Daniel Amos) and Gene Eugene (Adam Again) engineered it. Fathom also includes guest appearances from Jeff Bellew and Mark Salomon (The Crucified/Stavesacre) and Andy Pricket (The Prayer Chain). This is the first time ever for this album to be released on vinyl and it is limited to just 300 copies of this 2-LP Set). For fans of Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and cutting edge melodic, hook-laden alternative music. All Pre-orders get a FREE 11×18 Mortal Poster!!!

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About Lusis:

When MORTAL – LUSIS crashed onto the unsuspecting Christian scene in January of 1992 no one could be prepared for just how epic this release would be. Released months before Circle of Dust and Under Midnight this is THE release that opened the door to industrial music on a major Christian record label (Intense Records). Jerome and Jyro wasted no time bringing in some of the brightest and most creative music geniuses known to our music scene – including Terry Scott Taylor (Daniel Amos) as producer, Rob Watson (Daniel Amos) a engineer), Ed McTaggart (Daniel Amos) for artwork, and Ramald Domkus aka Allan Aguirre (Scaterd Few). What they all labored to create was historic levels of cutting edge creativity – particularly for a Christian music scene that would still be releasing melodic hair metal albums well into 1995! But those of us craving something special, something different, something that would be iconic twenty five years later thank God that Jerome and Jyro were adventuresome, restless musical spirits. Yes, they touched on territory covered by Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and even Stabbing Westward – but Lusis was filled with reckless, LOUD guitars, and awesome samples (long before Logic and Pro Tools were common)! Lusis stole the hearts of edgy industrial/alternative fans with tracks like “Enfleshed” and “If Ever Maria” and never gave those hearts back! Retroactive Records is thrilled to oversee the 2017/2018 reissue of LUSIS on VINYL for the very first time (because of length it will be a full 12” LP + a 7” Vinyl as a 2 Vinyl Set). Both the 12” Vinyl (surprise color) and the 7” (black) Vinyl have their own artwork and will be packaged together in one plastic polysleeve. The 12” insert includes lyrics and an historic write up about Lusis by DW Dunphy. Digitally remastering was handled by the amazing J Powell at Steinhaus for pure audio perfection. Lusis has literally never sounded better than now! This is a one time pressing of 300 units. Don’t delay in getting this classic album as these guys went on to great things (Jerome plays with the mighty Switchfoot!) and we expect these units to go quickly! Pre-Orders come with a FREE 11×18 Mortal poster!

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