Dw. Dunphy, Jeff Elbel, Randy Kerkman, & Dan Pavelich Release “Everything Goes To Hell” For Charity

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From Dw. Dunphy: “Hello, world. Been sitting on this news for about four months but now is the time. With the gracious talents of Jeff Elbel (Ping, Farewell to Juliet), Randy Kerkman (Yonderboy, Beki Hemingway), and Dan Pavelich (The Bradburys, The Click Beetles) bringing it to life, I’m proud to drop a new song into your hot little hands.

Better still, all proceeds from this new song, “Everything Goes To Hell,” will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, which has been “a friend when everything goes straight to hell” for many years.

The download is only a dollar. I hope you will consider buying it and contributing to a very worthy cause.

This is for a limited time: we’ll close it up at the end of February 2018, but I urge you to give us a go today.

Thanks to you, as well as Jeff, Randy, and Dan, who became a dream team of a band for me.”