And How Releases New Album “No Evil”

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“Hi kids,

Been a while! What have you all been up to? Hope life isn’t sucking.
And How have been busy! Selling/trading/giving away gear, and adding some new sounds to the sound in our head(s).

With a new recorder, more available tracks, new things to make noise noise with and a LONG winter, I (oops!-WE) have something new for you!

Please download for FREE (no sign-ups or exchange of anything, just hit “download”) the new album “NO EVIL” (before the aliens knock out our communication satellites) today!

In attempt to sound like albums used to sound, there are dynamics rather than 40 mins of blasted compression and volume, so use some nice headphones, or better yet, download a lossless WAV version (free too) and burn it to a cd so you can play it on an actual stereo (remember those? google it)!

Follow the link below and share with your friends and their friends!

And How