Pre-Order the Cassette or Vinyl Re-Issue of Zao’s “All Else Failed”

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Steadfast Records is now accepting pre-orders for the re-issue of Zao’s All Else Failed:

We’ve unearthed and remastered the original 1995 recording of Zao’s, All Else Failed. For the first time this brutal piece of history will be available on both vinyl and cassette!

Pre-Order All Else Failed now on:

  • 150gm opaque grey marble vinyl (Limited Edition of 250)
  • 150gm random color vinyl (each copy is a unique mix of colors)
  • 150gm black vinyl
  • Red shell cassette (Limited edition of 50)
  • Black shell cassette
  • Limited edition CD
  • Bundle deals with turntable mats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts