Hammock Releases “Floating World / Snowburn”

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From Hammock: “We hope you enjoy these two new songs, the second and last of our A / B releases for 2018. The cover art features a piece of art by Rubens Ghenov titled Roji Marwa.

About this piece, Ghenov says, “Roji is the Japanese word for the garden one passes through prior to entering a tea house. Marwa is the name of one of my favorite evening ragas. Both notions have been prevalent in my work.

“The top words in Roji Marwa is the title of a Caetano Veloso song from the album of the same name, Araça Azul (Blue Myrt Cherry). On the bottom are the words Belo Medo (Beautiful, wonderful Fear) conjoined as one word which also come from the same song.””