Bram Cools Releases Liminality

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“The first announcement is the release of Liminality; which is neither a new Bram Cools album nor a best-of compilation but a bit of both, containing some interesting and original new music combined with some of the older classics (either re-recorded or in the original album version). So together with new recordings as ‘Uncreated Light’, ‘De lemmingen gaan verder’ & ‘Trolls & Vampires’ there’s also the old versions of ‘sell everything you have and give it to the poor’, ‘father I’m tired’ and ‘mi wile e ni’ (still in toki pona) and completely new mostly acoustic versions of ‘Ellulian glasses’, ‘shadows of shadows’ and ‘albatross’.

Liminality basically serves a summer 2018 sampler with Bram Cools songs that can function as an introduction of the music of Bram Cools to people who are new to my music, as well as an update on what might be expected live. The Bram Cools canon has expanded into very different musical genres and spans several languages now (English, Dutch, and the minimal constructed language of toki pona on this collection) and so Liminality also gives an indication about what songs of the older material could be transposed to a live setting in 2018, after several years of live inactivity in which a lot of new songs were added to the catalogue. A lot of these (especially the electronica of the cyberluddism era) isn’t really playable live by one guy with a guitar or with a minimal band and has to be reinterpreted radically, which is a very interesting thing to try…

Liminality can be downloaded and streamed on noisetrade.

(For those wondering about the artwork, that’s a greater tunamoa, and an original Bram Cools drawing)

Please listen to it, and share it with people that might like it. And play the last song very loud to the president of the US!

The new Bram Cools website is live! I am aware that the good old bandcamp store, although a comprehensive collection of music ready for streaming and download, is quite confusing and not really informative enough, so there’s a complete website again with more information and not just some decontextualised weird music.
The new site is guarded by the cyberluddism mammoth and its alien astronout ‘friend’ for now, being young and inexperienced and new to this world and all… It contains a bio, some pictures and stuff like that, plus it streams all 6 classic Bram Cools album with a small guide included. Bram Cools music news and future live shows will also be posted here from now on.

If there are things you’d like to see added please let me know!