Reissue Poor Old Lu’s “Mindsize” On Deluxe CD & Vinyl

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A bit behind on this one, but there is still time if you are interested: “In the fall of 1993, ‘Mindsize’ was released nationally with little fanfare. Although Poor Old Lu had developed a devoted following in the Seattle area, their presence was otherwise fairly unknown outside of the Pacific Northwest scene. What began as a slow burn, would eventually become a well-known and highly-regarded debut album from a group of guys who had yet to even reach the age of 20. The maturity of their first major release belied their age and experience, displaying a surprising variety of musical styles and lyrical content. Now, just in time for it’s 25th anniversary, ‘Mindsize’ will be remastered and released on deluxe CD, and for the first time ever, vinyl! Please join us in making this happen…”

See the Kickstarter page to join in if you are interested and let’s make this happen!