Love Coma is Recording a New Album

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“My name is Chris Taylor and just about 26 years ago, I started a band called Love Coma, with my friend and drummer, Chris Dodds. We made two records, “soul rash” in 1993 and “language of fools”, in 1995.  We toured the country and played many festivals through the 90’s until we could no longer survive, financially, on the road or in the studio. With no record lable and no tour support, we were left discouraged and with nowhere left to go.

Fast forward 23 years later, myself, Dodds, with guitar player’s Chris Mattingly and Mitch Connell reunited with new music under our belts and the opportunity to record with the renowned, Mark Addison at The Aerie Studio in Austin, TX.

With studio costs, manufacturing, artwork & packaging design & all the other costs it takes to make a record of this caliber… we need your help. It takes a village to raise a rock band!

No label.

No fuss.

Just us.

We would love you – our die hard fans – to come along this new journey with us! New songs. New studio. Twenty three years of unfinished business! We want to make a killer new record and we want to make it with you!

In a day and age when it’s easy to make a record in your bedroom… we want to make a vibrant rock and roll record in a proper recording studio.

This has been a long time coming and we are excited to bring you these new songs.

You give us money… we will give you killer new music, painted drum heads, painted guitars turned into art pieces – live videos from the studio sessions and many more creative bits from the band.

You are the difference. We take the risk of making high quality music in a day and age where music is made by machines and everything is a click away from being on your phone and in your earbuds.

We want to make a genuine rock and roll record, in a legit studio with the band playing live.

I know not everyone can give their cash to help us… but that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Getting the word out and making noise about our campaign is HUGE! Indiegogo has some great sharing features.”