The Lead and Roxx Records to Release “The Past Behind +30”

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From Julio Rey: “Thirty years ago was the Lead’s major label debut as REX released our THE PAST BEHIND EP,  re-recorded in pro quality for the occasion.

Most people heard that REX version as opposed to our self released cheap recording from the year before. Unfortunately, it never made it onto CD, neither back in 88 nor for the Hardcore for Jesus boxset in 2006.

So we teamed up with Roxx Records to finally give The Past Behind its due. December 15 will see the release of The Past Behind +30, which brings together both versions plus live cuts, rehearsals and demos and topped off with a 12-page booklet of collages a la punk by moi that takes you back to the day.

The Past Behind +30 WILL NOT BE STREAMING on Spotify or iTunes or anywhere else. We’re going to sell the digital tracks directly to fans like thou.

In the process, we’re upping our mailing list game. Stay in the loop by clicking the link below and letting us drop you the EP’s single, the 2018 remaster of the 1988 single: TUNNEL VISION.”