Good Saint Nathanael “Hide No Truth” Album Trailer and Announcement

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“Greetings wonderful friends.

As we settle in for the holidays here in Kansas City, we are so thankful for your support. We hope you’ve had a fantastic year.

We are excited to present the trailer for Nate’s upcoming album Hide No Truth (Feb 1st, 2019). This is for his new project Good Saint Nathanael. The album and trailer have been pulled out of some of the most vulnerable places in his soul. Please watch and share if you feel inclined.   “Better” the first single from Hide No Truth is available now to stream on all platforms and here is the official lyric video:

If you happen to be around KC tonight (12/21), Nate has a show at Records With Merritt. He’ll be playing Good Saint Nathanael tracks and a few Destroy Nate Allen tunes as well.

Happy Holidays.

Nate and Tessa

Pre-Order Hide No Truth at 

About Hide No Truth – Available Feb. 1st, 2019.

Near the end of Nate Allen’s first Destroy Nate Allen tour he spray painted the words “My Goal Is Resolution” boldly on his acoustic guitar. The vulnerability and complexity of that statement unknowingly charted a course for his life.

With his new project Good Saint Nathanael, Nate Allen is turning to face his demons leading with a rare-disarming vulnerability. On Hide No Truth (available on Feb. 1st), the harder Nate looks at himself in the mirror, the more humanity reveals its bitter, beautiful complexity.

The nine songs on Hide No Truth find Nate stripping back his sonic pallet to reveal stark, memorable, acoustic songs full of detail and intention.

In what is a cathartic move towards self-choice, honest art and emotional health, Nate uses religious language to explore human vulnerability and his own broken Christian religious experience.

Faced with a choice between ignoring his past or leaving his faith and community, Good Saint Nathanael is a project seeking a 3rd path, one that lances the wounds, protests somberly, and grieves deeply while still refusing to give up.

Hide No Truth was recorded and mixed by Jon Terrey (Listener, The Chariot). Then Nate assigned different friends to add whatever their vision of “noise” was to each track, further adding to the haunting soundscape. Lastly, the record was mastered by Jim Demain at Yes Master Studios (John Prine, Frank Black, June Carter Cash).”