Jamie Bozeman (Luxury, Champion Leader) Starts New Music Project “Golf Slang”

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“Dear Friends of Champion Leader: Happy holidays! Merry Christmas!

As some of you know, I lead a complicated life with some conflicting interests and vocations. I’ve been in bands and making music since I was seventeen years old (that is, for 31 years). Having taken on the vocation of the Christian priesthood (more about that here), I’ve pushed music making more and more into the background. Even so, I do a lot of writing. At the same time I miss having a band to work with in this way! There is nothing like writing music in a group, sharing your ideas and creating songs. It can be very difficult work, but it is immensely rewarding. I’ve enjoyed working with my pals in Luxury and in They Sang As They Slew in the past (and to some degree in the present).

Almost ten years ago, I made the decision to more-or-less permanently set aside my dreams of rock fame and fortune (such as they were) in order to accept a higher and more demanding calling. And doing this left a large hole in my life as a musician. In the process, I began to release music under the moniker “Champion Leader” (a reference to the Holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of God). It began as a way to blow off steam and feed the creative part of my mind while I was working through seminary.

I’m turning a bit of corner in my own musical life, and in order to breathe a little creative life into my music-making, I’m rebranding my work under a new name: GOLF SLANG. The name has some personal significance to it (golf has played an odd part of my life since childhood, and the sport has a language of its own) and hopefully expresses a certain sense of humor in a new way when it comes to my music.

If you like Champion Leader, there is a significant chance that you will also like Golf Slang. So I’m writing this to suggest that you have a look at the Golf Slang bandcamp page and try out the new five-song EP that I uploaded this week. I hope that you enjoy it. And I would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts to share with me about music, spiritual thoughts, the Christmas season or whatever.

As always: thank you for listening. I would especially like to thank those of you who have stood with me through the years and become a real part of why I keep making and releasing music.

J. Bozeman
(aka Fr James)
of Golf Slang / Champion Leader”