And How Releases “Center of Gravity”

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“It’s been nearly a year since we’ve connected. I have a brand new AND HOW album that I’m releasing today at !

I’ve been recording my songs, on whatever format I could find/afford, since I was 13 years old. Started out with a cassette recorder and my dad’s old acoustic guitar that I’d tune up to what I thought sounded right, and matched the melody I was trying to conjure out of my mouth. I’m basically still doing the same thing, although I’ve made some upgrades.

Whenever I get a new cd I like to find enough uninterrupted time to listen to it on my best sounding headphones or stereo. You never get that first listen back. Please don’t skim this album on your phone. If you do, damn your eyes, shame on you, and don’t ever tell me.If you can, download this on a WAV file and put it on a cd.

I love how this album turned out. It sounds how I wanted it to. I used my favorite instruments and microphones as well as some that have been neglected for years because they needed repair. I brought some cool guitars back from the dead just to put their distinct voices on this album.

Now find your “center of gravity” and enjoy the next 45 mins, if you will.

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