Help Re-issue Rose Blossom Punch’s “Sorry to Disappoint You” EP on vinyl

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“20 years ago, Rose Blossom Punch recorded an EP called Sorry to Disappoint You. 6 wonderfully awesome songs that never saw a proper release or even a final mix. We are finally celebrating it in the way it so richly deserves.

We’ve managed to join forces with Aaron Sprinkle on digging up those great songs and have put together a plan to get Rose Blossom Punch’s unreleased EP, Sorry to Disappoint You pressed on vinyl!

We’d love your support in order to get this done. Tracks have to be mixed from scratch and then mastered and prepped for the vinyl pressing. A graphic designer needs to prep the artwork, and (no surprise) we need to get the record actually pressed. All in all, pretty standard stuff in the record world but sometimes this stuff isn’t so cheap to get it done the right way.

With that in mind, we’re offering some reward perks which we think you’ll find pretty great and will help us reach our goal! Please make sure you check them out!”