Leem of Earth Releases “Chapter Two” Today

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On Chapter Two, Florida band Leem of Earth continue the musical expedition they began on Chapter One (which was released in Oct.). This three song release expands on the sound and the story. The sound is a nod to the vibe of the best nineties bands – part romance and part grunge. The band cites The Innocence Mission, Radiohead and Sunny Day Real Estate as some of their favorite bands from the period.

With Chapter Two, the band adds in otherworldly aspects. “Water” is a Peter Gabriel-style conversation with a skeleton. In “Faithful Lights”, the sun and moon watch over the dreaming narrator, and the music swells and surges with synth, voice and rhythm section all keeping pace with each other. “Only So Many Ways” features guitarist B’s towering electric, while N on bass and E on drums are vivid and relentless, and LM’s velvety voice wraps it all up.

Producer Jeremy SH Griffith (Johnnyswim, SUNBEAMS!) lends his synth expertise and creates a couple of codas from tiny pieces of the songs. Leem of Earth’s sound and vision is ethereal and not all that easy to describe, but we think that’s definitely a good thing.”