Pre-Order Stranger Kings New Album “Blue”

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“Stranger Kings continue their journey of Cali-gaze dream guitars and 80’s Brit post-punk melodic bass lines on their new record BLUE. Finding a solution in dissolution, Stranger Kings was formed by guitarist Eric Campuzano and bassist Herb Grimaud after The Lassie Foundation breathed its last with the departure of Jeff Schroeder for the Smashing Pumpkins. Holly Nelson gave it a voice and Brady Esquivel (Set To Sea) brought the drums to life.

The first single “Steppe” is scheduled to be released to stores worldwide on Friday, March 1st, but you can go stream it now for free and you can download it immediately when you pre-order BLUE.”

Pre-Order BLUE Now

Also, Stranger Kings recently released Red Remix – a collection of remixes of songs from their first album by various artists, including Rtopia, Ojo Taylor, Jeff Scroeder, Greg Lawless, and many others.

Download Red Remix for free here