Help The Throes Release “All The Flowers Growing In Your Mother’s Eyes” on Vinyl and CD

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Arriving in the heyday of the alternative revolution, The Throes’ astonishing debut, All the Flowers Growing in Your Mother’s Eyes, captured the innocence and idealism of that singular movement. Driven by the songwriting prowess of Bill Campbell and Harold Evans, the Throes create dour, moody pop akin to the Smiths and R.E.M.. Songs are built around Campbell’s sparkling guitar and driven forward by Evans’ idiosyncratic percussion. Where most college rock bands flounder amidst pretentious lyrics and too-light music, the Throes convey their often-poetic sentiments adroitly. “This Love Is an Ocean” churns and rolls, moving slowly forward while “Passion Flower” is up-tempo and colored by sadness. Even the sweaty, punkish rave-up “Skin Kings” is propelled by a sentiment of self-loathing and disgust. All the Flowers Growing in Your Mother’s Eyes works because it stays open and airy and buoyant despite these weighty confessions. The record is charged with the unmistakable energy of possibility, the sound of a young band who still believes they can change the world. ~ J. Edward Keyes

The “All The Flowers Growing In Your Mother’s Eyes” Kickstarter CD/VINYL/Download Reissue Facts:

Why are you doing this with Kickstarter? Why not just reissue the album “normally?” ~ None of what we’re attempting here is inexpensive. All of the production and manufacturing involved with reissuing this album is costly and time consuming for all involved. So we’re using Kickstarter to let fans speak out through their pledges.

There’s a lot of reward levels in this campaign! – Yes. As of launch, there’s 44 different reward levels. Something for everyone.

Will there be bonus tracks will be on the reissue? – Yes. The band has submitted a long list of possible inclusions for the project. Demos, writing session tapes, alternate mixes, etc. Final restoration and decisions will be made once the campaign is successful.

Will there be a stretch goal? – Yes! If the campaign hits $25,000 every vinyl order will include a bonus LP + download of the band’s 1989 debut, “The Era Of Condolence“. Download pledges will receive the album as a bonus download. CD pledges will receive the album as a bonus CD + download. If this happens, it would be the first time the album has been on vinyl or available on CD outside of the very limited “12 Before 9” tin that was released in 1995.