Help Rob Watson Release “The Graylands”

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From the Kickstarter page: “You know Rob Watson – the keyboardist for Daniel Amos and the Swirling Eddies from the release of Doppelganger to Dig Here, Said the Angel. He also co-produced Terry Taylor’s first solo album, Knowledge and Innocence. Also a composer for film and television, and a pipe organist in Glendora, CA. Check out his IMDb page: Imdb_robertwatson

All this time he’s been quietly writing material for several albums (well, mostly quietly) and is now ready to produce his first solo endeavor, The Graylands for your pleasure.

The Graylands will be a mix of music that was recorded in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s as well as new material. The musicians on it will include Tim Chandler, David Raven, Terl Bryant, Jerry Chamberlain, Marty Dieckmeyer, Greg Flesch, Randy Mitchell, Wayne Brasel, Glen Holmen, Bryan Meyers, Dave Spurr, Knox Summerour, Ingrid Chun, Kenny James Riley, Frank Choate, and more. Alternately psychedelic, thoughtful, dance-able, funny, and strange, the songs will be unpredictable and unique.

Rob is setting a modest goal to produce digital downloads and a commercial CD with artwork. If that goal is quickly made he’ll create a stretch goal to include a vinyl release so you can have it along side all of the vinyl from DA, The Choir, Lost Dogs, and such!”