Yeshu Satsang Toronto Releases Bhakti Geet Volume Four

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You can read more of the story on the BandCamp page for the new volume, but if you are wonder who is involved in Yeshu Satsang:

“Chris Hale first encountered Yeshu Bhakti in North India in 1991, having grown up in Nepal and India from early childhood. He began to record and perform arrangements of Yeshu bhajans (devotional songs to Jesus) with a band, Olio, which he formed with Indian colleagues in 1991. In 2000, Pete Hicks joined Chris to form the band, Aradhna, which released nine albums between 2000-2012.

Chris met singer-songwriter Miranda Stone at a US music festival in 2002, where she was performing with her band in support of her third album of folk rock. They were married in 2004, in Varanasi, India. The bhajans which Aradhna performed deeply impacted Miranda, and after a number of trips to India with Chris, she began to create a small songbook for her own personal devotional use. The first hand-bound edition of the Kshama Sagar Bhakti Mala (Garland of devotion for the Ocean of Forgiveness) was finished in July 2007.

In January 2010, Chris and Miranda began co-leading monthly satsangs in their home. Within a few months, they shifted these evenings of Indian devotional music to the beautiful sanctuary at the Church of the Resurrection where they continued until the summer of 2017. Luke Parker began playing harmonium for the satsang in July 2013. In September of that year, the satsang moved to NUUC, located in the heart of Little India Gerrard Bazaar. Musicians who have played over the years include Duke Vipperman on sitar, Sharon Tiessen on cello, Chris Padiath on bass guitar, Dave Love on darbuka, and Doug Crosswell on chimta.”