Retroactive Records to Re-Issue “Hope” and “Flowers in the Rain” by Mad at the World

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“Those of us at Boone’s and Retroactive Records are HUGE fans of Mad at the World – everything from their early synth sound to the wall of guitars mid period and the Beatles styled alternative they did later on. Their new release in 2017/18 called Hope was one of our very best sellers last year. The band ran out of their first pressing and we offered to team up with them and release a jewel case version with a big fat 12 page booklet, and the band wrote a brand new track just for this release, but also intended to showcase the sound and vibe of the next MATW album. Honestly, it’s a KILLER song, called “When You’re Broken.” It’s easily one of the best tracks on the CD now. It’s a treasure.

And….if we are going to re-release the Hope CD, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to reissue one of the all-time Christian synth classics, Flowers in the Rain. So it will be fully loaded, remastered to perfection, with a deluxe booklet featuring lyrics and band pics, housed in a quality jewel case.”

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