Poor Old Lu and Lo-fidelity to Reissue “Sin” on Deluxe Vinyl/CD/Download!

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Well, technically this was a Kickstarter, but it has already been funded (and least expensive vinyl options are gone already)… so now it is a pre-order since Lo-Fidelity always comes through:

“Any band will tell you that the sophomore album release is likely the most important for establishing musical direction.  Whereas their first album was polished, melodic, and bright, it didn’t necessarily represent how the band had already evolved musically, which was important to showcase.  To that end, Poor Old Lu opted to be more directly involved with their next album — including choosing a local engineer/producer (John Goodmanson), sharing production duties, and opting for fewer overdubs so that the sonic qualities of the album would be nearer to what was heard in concert. The resulting sound would define them for years to come — raw, energetic, dark, and unique.  Even the album name and subsequent artwork became iconic and important — challenging some listeners to step outside their comfort zone. Recorded during the heyday of grunge-era classics, ‘Sin‘ spoke to the current generation without coming across as derivative.  Now, 25 years later, the music and lyrics feel as pertinent as ever. Join us, as we reissue “Sin” on deluxe download, CD, and vinyl, remastered from the original master tapes. Let’s make this happen…”