Bram Cools Releasing New Music

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The ‘Re​-​Mixed Bags, Deconstructed Outtakes and Othersides’ EP is slowly being released!

Happy Holidays!

I bring great tidings: Not only is this the season in which most major religions and cultures have very important feasts, but this year it’s also the season of new Bram Cools music!

The new Bram Cools EP Re​-​Mixed Bags, Deconstructed Outtakes and Othersides is being released gradually song by song on my bandcamp page. It’s will end up a collection of re-recorded outtakes, completely deconstructed new versions of older songs, and probably one or two new songs.

As the title probably suggests already, there will be very different ‘remixes’ – actually complete re-recorded versions in very different genres of music – of the song ‘mixed bags’, which is originally a simple folk-reggae tune. Doesn’t everyone wonder how the same song would sound with breakbeats, slow triphop, heavy metal, and classical ensemble? I don’t have the musicians for all of these, but there will be at least 3 completely different versions. (I already did this with the song ‘Albatross’ once, see the 4 versions on the single, the cyberluddism version and then the minimal acoustic version on ‘Liminality’.)

For now there are only 2 songs, but there will be more soon:

1. Mixed Bags (Electrofolk version) 04:58
2. Every Man 04:13

The first song is ‘Mixed Bags (electrofolk version)’ and thus the first ‘Mixed Bags’ remake. This one mixes the older lo-fi style of indie-folk sometimes found in early Bram Cools songs with a very primitive kind of 8-bit electro, and a rare guitar solo even.

The second song ‘Every Man’ is an older piece that never found an album. This version is radically different from the original one, that can still be heard on soundcloud which is more a typical rock song, while thos one js built on deconstructed motorik beats and a bit of electronic minimalism, and most of all an unexpected eruption of creative chaos on melodica, melody bass guitar and mandolin at the very end of the song.

Every few days a new song will be added until the EP is complete. At a certain point the actual artwork will be revealed too. So stay tuned!

Re​-​Mixed Bags, Deconstructed Outtakes and Othersides can be found on bandcamp, and on bandcamp only for now!

Please tell me what you think too and share it with people who might like it.

peace and Merry Christmas,