Gadget Releases “Easter”

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Really late on this one – sorry! From Marc Plainguet: “The origin of this release begins 30 years ago with improvisational sessions in 1991 between Gadget and Klinikman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Two particular sections brought to Gadget’s mind the themes of Crucifixion, with it’s ever building harshness and sense of doom, and Resurrection, an ethereal meeting of machines and human voices.

In 1995 Gadget was asked to contribute a track to the R.E.X. Records compilation of Christian Industrial music Electro Shock Therapy for which he recorded a rendition of “Amazing Grace” with Francine Plainguet on vocals. Gadget was surprised to learn later that the Library of Congress added it to their collection of recordings of the famous hymn.

Over the years, Easter holidays would come and go with additional work being done for a conceptual release. Edits, overdubs, and new material was worked on but never reaching completion until now in 2021.

Now, it is finished. The Easter story is represented through six tracks: Golgotha, Crucifixion, Three Days In Hell, Resurrection, Ascension, and Amazing Grace.

Gadget has always maintained that Easter is the most significant holiday for Christians from a theological point if view. The themes of self-sacrificial love and redemption are the heart of the religion.

Easter is now available at the Gadget Bandcamp page.”