Help Leslie DuPre-Grimaud with Mounting Medical Treatment Bills

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Down the Line has long been fans of Leslie DuPre-Grimaud (and her husband Herb). Unfortunately, her medical situation is serious and she could use your help. See the GoFundMe page for updates, but here is the initial post:

“I am writing this on behalf of my dear Aunt Leslie “Yenny.” For the past seven months, her stomach has become more and more sensitive to food. At this point, almost anything she eats triggers severe stomach pain and frequently causes vomiting. She has lost over 30 pounds (currently weighing only 86 pounds), and her husband, Herb, and her family are extremely worried about her continuing weight loss and pain.

In May, the stomach pain and vomiting were so intense that Leslie was forced to go to the Emergency Room. A CT scan was performed along with a series of tests, but no cause was determined. A number of additional doctors’ visits and tests also failed to find a cause or even a way to relieve the chronic pain. On 7/23/21, Leslie received a call from her doctor instructing her to immediately go to the emergency room. A second CT scan & MRI had turned up an anomaly that appeared to be an intestinal obstruction. During her multi-day hospital stay, the doctors found that she had severe thickening of her intestinal walls. One section is so thick that the tube from her colonoscopy could not pass through. The G.I. doctor took multiple biopsies, and Leslie is currently awaiting results.

Due to the multiple doctors’ visits, overnight hospital stays, and ongoing tests, Leslie’s medical bills are piling up. The last thing I want Leslie to be worrying about right now is whether she has the money to pay for the treatment she needs. I am asking everyone who loves and cares for Leslie, if you are able, to donate anything that would help lessen her financial stress so that she can continue going to the doctor and undergoing the tests she needs to find a treatment for what is ailing her. Please uplift her in prayer.

Raven Myers”

Additionally, Leslie’s husband Herb just uploaded some of the music Leslie recorded with her band Cafe Noire. Fourteen demo songs and one live Joy Division cover song. “Leslie answered an add in the Recycler. Her & Mike Brown started working on songs and then Mel McGowan, Danielle Nielson-Mercado, Steve Rightnour, Leslie’s twin sister Lorri would all join up. Other friends would eventually join them on stage. All of this was recorded on a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder between 1987 and 1990.”