Jeff Elbel & Ping Launch an IndieGoGo Campaign to Release “The Threefinger Opera” on Vinyl

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Check out the new IndieGogo campaign to finance the release of The Threefinger Opera on vinyl. Even though the campaign goal is already met, there are some cool stretch goals the meet as well. Haven’t heard of 3FO? It’s an incredible new album by Jeff Elbel & Ping – check out the promo blurb:

“With The Threefinger Opera (abbreviated as 3FO), Chicago-area progressive roots-pop collective Jeff Elbel + Ping parlay penchants for storytelling and rock ‘n’ roll into an engaging album-length tale drawn from real life. 3FO travels a path toward perspective and peace under pressure. Despite the circumstances that inspired the set, 3FO embraces Ping’s charter with thrilling songs that are relatable, witty, and fun for all ages.

The album reveals itself as a virtual jukebox, demonstrating Ping’s affinity for wide-ranging musical styles. The sonic house party hosts a plethora of musical guests, including friends from the Fixx, Calexico, PLS PLS, the Claudettes, Resurrection Band, the 77s, the Violet Burning, the Choir, and more.”