Support a “Fourth Wave: The Reality Rock Collection” Vinyl Re-Issue

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Do you remember the Third Wave: The Reality Rock Collection from 1993? It turns out that this collection is going to be er-imagined and re-issued on vinyl for the first time. Here are some details from the Kickstarter page:

Fourth Wave: The Reality Rock Collection features the music of 19 bands that were popular during the 80s and 90s. Being offered as a double vinyl album, it will commemorate the 30 year anniversary of Third Wave (cassette and CD), released in 1993. Every band was played extensively on the Reality Rock radio program, and many performed at the annual ROCK OF LOVE ”mini-fest” in Redlands, CA.

Bands like The Violet Burning, Mad at the World, Mortal, Undercover, Altar Boys, The Choir, and more than a dozen others are included here. If you’re a fan of Prayer Chain, Adam Again, L.S.U., Dakoda Motor Company, and S.F.C., chances are you’ll want to add this unique double vinyl compilation album to your collection.

Songs like ”World Burning,” ”One to One,” ”Low,” ”Paradigm One,” and ”Shaded Pain” will take you back on a nostalgic musical journey unlike any other.

Jason Dean and John Smeby were radio hosts of the program on KLRD-FM and KUOR-FM during that time, and have served as co-producers of the Fourth Wave vinyl release.

The “live” weekly radio show featured giveaways, in-studio artist interviews, and the latest in cutting edge Christian rock, rap, and metal. Nearly every band featured on Fourth Wave was located in Southern California during the time the radio program aired.

This unique compilation of bands is a limited edition album release – less than 500 albums are being manufactured!

Join us and ride the wave – THE FOURTH WAVE.

Your active participation in this project will help us reach our goal and allow Fourth Wave to become a reality. The cost of manufacturing vinyl is the biggest line item in our budget, followed by artist royalties and graphic design. This project is a labor of love, and we‘re excited to see the finish line! THANK YOU for joining us with your pledge.”