Bram Cools Releases “Lost Songs from the Wild MySpace Days”

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“Somewhere before the year 2000 I started recording my weird songs and sound experiments on cassette and later minidisk, resulting a few demo tapes, the last of which (a bit of a compilation) was called ‘The Irresistible 21st Century Virgin Boy’. When I switched to multitrack recording on the computer the sound quality changed a bit and the arrangement possibilities changed too, but the sound experiments and lo-fi home recordings remained.

Somewhere along the way I started putting songs on the internet, first on myspace and later on a Belgian site called noxa. Some of the songs from that time ended up on my demo-CDRs and ultimately became part of ‘I am the Belgian Christian lo-fi scene’, while others disappeared from sight. A few of the later noxa songs have disappeared altogether in a computer crash, and don’t exist anymore.

Lost songs from the wild myspace days of The Irresistible 21th Century Virgin Boy‘ is a compilation of the computer-recorded songs from the early and mid ’00’s that never ended up on one of the other albums, or at least not in the versions here.

They are slightly remastered, but since I’ve lost the original tracks years ago in a harddisk crash I am unable to mix them or do more overdubs or otherwise change them. So everything you hear is what I originally recorded, with all the weirdness and imperfections of how I played music when I was in my early twenties…”