Pre-Order the New Unwed Sailor Album “Mute the Charm”

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“After two decades of critically acclaimed and fan-adored releases, Unwed Sailor has become a fixture within the indie rock/pop landscape. A familiar and unceasing tide. A steady hand through turbulent channels. In many ways, the band’s forthcoming release Mute The Charm represents an exercise in addition by subtraction – creating a layered emotive experience through more organic means. At its core, it is a pop rock record with chiming guitars, melodic bass, and rock solid drums – more aligned with the accessible sides of artist influences ranging from The Sundays, Joy Division, and The Stone Roses to Led Zeppelin, Lungfish, and 90’s indie rock band, Seam, than the band’s previous and more ambient releases. Mute the Charm is all-at-once a love letter to specific cities and scenes, a longing retrospective on relationships with people and the past, a nod to formative artists and trailblazers, and a hopeful look ahead towards a less tumultuous future.

The new single “Windy City Dreams” sonically harkens back to the band’s acclaimed 2019 rock album, Heavy Age. The song moves through peaks and valleys of distortion, wah, and driving bass lines until landing on the spacious pop chorus inspired by the feel of Roxy Music’s ”Avalon.” ”Windy City Dreams” tells the story of Johnathon’s big, beautiful, failed dreams of moving to Chicago in the late 90s / early 00s. Listen to the song and pre-order / pre-save the album on limited edition LP / CD / Digital or as part of an exclusive t-shirt bundle.”