Help Out With the Bryan Gray (The Blamed) Recovery Fund

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“If you’re reading this then you either know and love Bryan Gray, or you know someone who does! Our dear friend Bryan has been the production manager for Ruido Fest for a handful of years now. He sets us up for success, making sure our stages are running smoothly so the artists can put on an excellent show. He truly is a vital part of the Ruido Fest family and his presence was extremely missed at this year’s festival. Over the summer, Bryan unknowingly went into heart failure a week prior to heart surgery. As you can imagine, it was a rough procedure that ended up with Bryan being in a coma for some time. Thankfully since then, he has fought hard to heal and has come a long way. However, still, he cannot work, can’t live on his own or care for his family, and has massive medical bills after a long, hard, hospital stay. We here at Ruido Fest want to help him however we can, so we partnered with his family to put this fundraiser together for him. We want to raise as much as we can for him to make his healing process as stress free as possible. We welcome any size donation. If you are not able to contribute monetarily, but would like to still help, you can share the fundraiser to help us spread the word. Additionally, Ruido Fest and Max Wagner have pledged to match donations up to $10,000. Joe’s Bar, who Brian also worked with, has also pledged to match donations up to $1,500. We truly can’t thank them enough for their incredible efforts. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for taking the time and energy to support this very important cause for our very special friend. We will post updates as we have them.

As of now, this fundraiser will end on Christmas Day, so please continue to share and donate as soon as you are able!”