Spoken in Tongues Releases “The Unreal and the Hyperreal Happening at Once”

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“Hello and Happy New Year! It feels with the passing of each calendar that time becomes more and more compressed. Is it just me? I don’t think so. I spent the last 3 months working with Clark, Josh R., and Josh H. to make this new Spoken in Tongues album out at my Planet Fun studio. I try to learn some things each time and improve on the previous. By the end, if I’m honest, I just want it to be over! Ha! I hope you enjoy it and can be provoked by it in a good way that art intends to do. You can listen now at Apple MusicBandCamp (also available for purchase), Spotify and YouTube Music. We hope to bring these (and some previous songs) to you live in 2023 in the Nashville and surrounding areas. Until then, stay punk! – Billy”