Lee Bozeman Releases “We Should Rejoice” EP While Also Announcing New and Re-issued Luxury Albums

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Lee Bozeman has releases We Should Rejoice on BandCamp, which he says is “for the beginning of 2023. Probably something to be listened to early in the morning but not too early. Preferably in the fog.” Apparently these are leftover tracks from the upcoming new Luxury album. Lee posted this on Twitter as well:

“Good morning folks. This is Lee from Luxury with some Luxury (and other) news: Luxury is currently recording, in a piecemeal fashion, our newest record. We are probably 5/8ths finished with the record and hope to wrap everything up over the next month, give or take. We will be releasing a single along with the album pre-order, so stay tuned. We are also looking to re-issue some earlier material on vinyl this year. That work is very much in process and we will share more as it develops.”