Toilet Rats IV coming March 24th on Steadfast Records

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“Toilet Rats join Steadfast Records to share their new album Toilet Rats IV. Coming March 24th on limited edition cassette and available to preorder now.

Toilet Rats IV is the new release from Minneapolis, MN synth-punk act Toilet Rats. As the name suggests, it’s a little grimey, energetic, tenacious, and oddly entertaining. Tommy Ratz (aka Thomas Rehbein) combines a variety of musical influences ranging from Jawbreaker, DEVO, Nine Inch Nails, Jawbox, Depeche Mode, Ennio Morricone, Lard, Run DMC, Ramones, Powerplant, and other random stuff with lyrics primarily inspired by vintage horror and sci-fi movies to create a succinct rock album that, though well produced, never takes itself too seriously. It’s as if Ratz (aka Rehbein) took a time machine and made a mixtape from 1987 combining his favorite sounds and VHS rentals from that era. “Carol Kane” references fright flick When A Stranger Calls, “Walk The Earth” recalls zombies, shopping malls, and helicopters, “Larva” is a nod to Al Jourgenson’s dancey thrash side projects, and “Oskar and Eli” recalls a coming of age vampire story.”