The February 2023 Issue is Now Out!

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Did you think we were dead? We are not really “back” – it just took two years to get this issue together thanks to… well, all of this (gestures at the world). This issues features a visual journal of AudioFeed 2022, plus new interviews with Ric Alba, Kevin the Persian, Joel Heng Hartse, and Christian Geeks Classic Rockcast. There is also a nice memorial for David “Burrito” Villalpando Memorial, as well as older interviews with Frank Lenz and The Huntingtons added just because they rock. Oh, and even some reviews and back cover art by Michael Gerard Knott. Read or download at Speaking of that, we are also switching our media “hosting” (PDFs and podcasts) over to, so that hopefully the stories we tell here will out live us all. Currently all of our issues and podcast episodes are up on our nice fancy page, but you will see all links in the archives on this site change over to in the hear future. We will keep using Issuu and Scridb as long as those services are free for us to use. Plans are in the works for the next issue, which will hopefully not take another two years to unleash.