Help Fund a New Documentary on 1980-1995 Alternative Christian Music

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“Hello. My name is John Smeby, and I’m on a team of 4 others (Dawn Wisner Johnson, Todd Zeller, Beth Wisner Jahnsen, and Jason Dean) who are on a mission. The mission is to create a film documentary chronicling stories from 15 years of music history (1980 – 1995) in California during the genesis of alternative Christian music. Our goal of $50,000 is for covering travel costs, editing and production costs, and other related expenses. We are excited to begin this journey with you, and expect our film to be completed by the end of 2024. (If we need longer to complete our mission, we’ll keep you updated). Bands like Undercover, The Choir, Altar Boys, Prayer Chain, Mortal, The Violet Burning and many, many others are – in a variety of ways – still making and performing music. But those 15 years – in the 80s and 90s – were a magical, transformative time for countless people. Our mission is to reflect back, to remember, and to create a film that brings to life a rich history of amazing songs, impactful concerts and changed lives. I invite you to join us as we move forward on this journey. Thank you, in advance, for your part in our story. You’re involvement is greatly appreciated.”

You can see the GoFundMe campaign to add your support if you like. While the GoFundMe is light on details and people are wondering what they will get, Smelby has mentioned interview at least 20 band members on Facebook, so there will probably be at least band interviews. John and Jason were behind the Reality Rock thing and CD back in the day. Todd Zeller is Eden Z Films and well connected with the scene. Wisner Johnson is a member of Crumbacher and Frontline Records. Well, they are all well-connected and for some reason don’t explain any of that on the GoFundMe – but they do have the ability to pull that off even if the fundraiser is light on details.